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Coaching versus mentoring

I use the terms coach and mentor to reflect the different approaches of support that I offer. Whilst typically both call upon similar skill sets, coaching may comprise of an engagement where we focus on particular areas or objectives, for an agreed period of time. Coaching meetings can be more frequent and structured, in order to gain momentum in achieving your desired outcomes and goals. Mentoring on the other hand, can reflect an established relationship that supports your personal growth and professional growth, over a longer period of time. The mentoring relationship can be open-ended, and whilst touchpoints are still regular, they may be more flexible, less frequent and will often take a wider and more long-term view.

In this context, coaching can be seen as addressing an initial set of challenges/objectives, whereas mentoring can provide a transition into longer-term and more expansive support of your personal and professional growth.  Either way, a particular feature of my own approach is my willingness to take a "whole-life" approach, drawing upon both my extensive experience of business and my depth of understanding as a psychotherapist, to truly help address your issues and support your growth.

Working together

Because I work with you as a unique individual, my approach is bespoke and tailored to fit what will be most beneficial and growthful for you. Typically, working with me will involve:

  • An initial meeting, where we explore if working together will be right for you

  • Meeting at agreed intervals that support your goals. The location we meet can be flexible, and I may intentionally ask that we meet in locations that allow us to break out of day-to-day patterns

  • I may ask you to do preparatory work before we meet to help get the most from our work

  • And you may take actions to progress between our meetings

  • We will speak via phone or skype to checkpoint your progress between meetings

  • And we are clear on the duration of our coaching arrangement and if it is time-bound.

My committments

There are some common undertakings that run through my approach:

  • My commitment to you through the lifetime of our work together

  • My openness to the breadth of work that needs to be done. My resources are available to support you across the professional, personal, and organisational challenges that you seek to address

  • My availability for support between scheduled sessions (usually phone or skype)

  • My respect of your right to finish working together.

I coach and mentor a limited number of people at any one time. To enquire about my availability, or if you any questions, then please get in touch via the Contact page.



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