It's a normal human desire to grow in our lives, our work, and our careers. However, at times we can find ourselves feeling blocked or limited in being able to progress and move forward. Or we may want to change direction but not know how to, or perhaps where to even start.

It can be difficult to overcome these challenges whilst in our day-to-day environment, and the role of a coach or mentor can be pivotal in helping us break out of old patterns and make the changes we wish to see in our work and wider lives.

My approach is to support you in achieving the best possible outcomes for you as a unique individual – which will encompass your professional objectives, but also your deeper and more personal needs and hopes. I work in this way because it is only when we attend to what is truly important to us in our lives and work, that we are able to achieve real outcomes that are genuinely fulfilling and long-lasting.

A trusted coaching or mentoring relationship gives us new perspectives and skills to help us overcome our challenges, and the confidential space needed to make sense of things that may not sit well in our day-to-day working environment. Committing to a coaching or mentoring relationship also helps create the space we need to for personal growth - capacity that typically we don't have in our usual work patterns.

In supporting you, I draw upon a deep body of experience across all levels of business and professional life, allied to many years of experience as a practising psychotherapist and counsellor. Together we identify and explore your obstacles, and then work in alliance to address the real issues underpinning them. By taking full ownership of these issues for ourselves in a safe and trusted environment, we take control back and empower ourselves with the ability to move forward.

I coach and mentor a limited number of people at any one time, please follow this link to find out more. To enquire about my availability, or if you any questions, then please get in touch via the Contact page.

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy - Coaching Division.



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