I'm a growing human being, an imperfect father and a work in progress husband. I care deeply that the people my life touches can be as happy and as healthy as is possible.

As a younger man, I tried to live my life as it seemed I should - get the qualifications, exhaust myself through work success, achieve, make no mistakes, keep people happy, show no weakness, tick all the boxes. Much of this time I was unhappy.

Along the way I kept seeing glimpses of another path, and other people who seemed to be doing it differently.


When I reached a point where I could no longer keep up the facade, I began to question what I thought I knew, and started to respond instead to my own inner promptings. Shortly after, whilst continuing to work in business, it followed that I began training as a psychotherapist.

As I have continued on this path I have sought out others who have helped me with their wisdom, knowledge, patience and compassion. For this, I am truly grateful.

Today I find myself living a life I would never have imagined, with amassed knowledge, skills and experiences that I never could have set out to design.  

I am a parent, therapist, coach, business adviser and friend.


All of this I bring into my work.

© 2018 John Fletcher

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